Our assortment from Malaysia



SIZE: Whole 0,8–1kg Fillets 100–200g

IDENTIFYING FEATURES: The Red Snapper commonly inhabits waters 30 to 200 feet deep, but some are reported to be caught at 300 feet. All feature a sloped profile, medium-to-large scales, a spiny dorsal fin and a laterally compressed body.

The red snapper reaches maturity at a length of about 39 cm. The common adult length is 60 cm, but may reach 100 cm. Coloration of is light red, with more intense pigment on the back. It has ten dorsal spines, 14 soft dorsal rays, three anal spines and eight to nine anal soft rays.



SIZE: Whole 0,6–0.8kg Fillets 100–200g

IDENTIFYING FEATURES: The emperor snapper, is a species of snapper native to the Indian Ocean and the western Pacific Ocean. This species is an inhabitant of both rocky and coral reefs, preferring flat areas with either a sandy or gravel substrate.

They can be found at depths from 5 to 180 m. This species can reach a length of 116 cm, though most do not exceed 60 cm. The greatest recorded weight for this species is 32,7 kg. This species is commercially important and is also farmed like for us from Malaysia.



SIZE: Whole 1–5kg Fillets 100–500g

IDENTIFYING FEATURES: It can be found throughout the northern half of Australia and Southeast Asia and have been known to reach a weight of 56 kg.

The fish spawn around river mouths so that larval and juvenile Barramundi can use the swamps that form during the wet season.



SIZE: Whole 1–5kg Fillets 100–500g

IDENTIFYING FEATURES: The Malabar Grouper, a member of groupers is one of the largest and most common cod found in tropical estuaries and on coastal reefs. It can reach a length of over 1,2 m and weight over 150 kg. The Malabar grouper is olive-green, with a number of brown spots randomly scattered.

Younger fish have a number of wide, broken vertical bands of darker shade across their bodies, but in maturity they seem to become a uniform darker colour. Young fish have numerous brown spots. The tail fin is rounded.



SIZE: Whole 0.4–0.6kg Fillets 100–200g

IDENTIFYING FEATURES: Pomfrets are grouped with Perciform fish, which belonging to the species of Butterfish.

They have a silvery shiny skin and shiny black eyes. Their fillets have a firm texture and excellent flavor.



SIZE: Whole 0.8–1kg Fillets 100–200g

IDENTIFYING FEATURES: Golden or bronze coloured body with silvery belly. Center of each scale often has a reddish–brown spot, giving an overall apperance of a series of horizontal lines.

Steeply sloped head. It can grow to a very large size, easily over 1,5 kg and can grow as big 6 kg.